Joe Liang

My name is Joe.
I'm a

System Admin/IT Specialist


Social Media Specialist​


Car Mechanic Hobbyist

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I’ve been providing IT services and managing IT systems for 10+ years. Server setups, computer setups, networking, wifi, remote access, active directory, virtual machines, data backup, and IT consulting to name a few of the work I’ve done.

Please click here to see the most recently video projects I’ve worked on. I would be happy to collaborate or to consult on any future project ideas. Let’s create! Contact Joe

I’ve been working with social media platforms for 4+ years. impsquared has been my main social media endeavour. Have a look at impsquared by clicking here.

I never did like working a 9 to 5 job. I always wanted to start a business and was willing to risk loss in order to make money.

Currently working on a couple of business ideas. Do you have a business idea? Let’s work on it! Contact Joe

 I own a 1987 Toyota Corolla GTS as a project car and a 2000 Honda Civic CX hatchback for a daily drive. So, with 2 cars and a 3rd one to work on, it only made sense to work on cars as a hobby.

Of course this leads to working on other cars, like for friends and family. You have a problem with your car? Contact Joe